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Whether you have a single missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth, this can cause a number of problems throughout your entire life. The best way to avoid the problems that missing teeth can cause is by quickly investing in one of many replacement options. Eric Rackley DMD offers dental implant restoration at our Pittsburgh practice for patients seeking permanent and durable tooth replacements.

If you've lost teeth as a result of any of the following situations, then dental implants may prove to be a good option for your lifestyle:

• Advanced Disease
• Extensive Decay
• Severe Injury or Trauma
• Improper Tooth Formation
• Inability to Descend
• Effects of Age

Big Smile in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh PA: The Tooth Implant Explained

New and innovative dental implants can provide you with long lasting benefits. A tooth implant is a metal piece that mimics the natural tooth root system and is attached to the jaw bone. A crown, or a cap, is attached the top of the tooth implant providing you with all the benefits that normal teeth have to offer. With a tooth implant restored from the Pittsburgh dental office of Eric Rackley DMD you won't have to worry about performing normal tasks like talking or chewing.

Implant Dentistry for Pittsburgh Residents

Restoring a tooth implant requires the expertise of a dental professional that specializes in implant dentistry. Pittsburgh dental practice Eric Rackley DMD has 28 years of experience in providing implant dentistry to patients from our community and the nearby areas. When you work with us, you can feel confident knowing that your dental health is in good hands.

What to Expect of the Dental Implant Restoration Procedure—Pittsburgh PA—Green Tree PA

Eric Rackley DMD is committed to educating our patients about all of their options. When it comes to replacing your teeth, you should be aware of everything that the dental implant procedure entails. When you undergo a dental implant restoration procedure at our Pittsburgh office, you can expect all of the following to happen:

• A post is placed into the implant to serve as an anchor for the crown
• Replicated Tooth is Attached After Firm Connection is Established
• Create Complete Restoration of Appearance and Functioning of Teeth

Are you looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth? Contact Eric Rackley DMD by clicking here and learn moreabout our dental implants. We serve the areas of Pittsburgh, Green Tree, Crafton, Robinson and Carnegie, Pennsylvania.