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Dental crowns are tooth shaped caps that cover all surfaces of the teeth. They are typically attached to teeth that are weakened by damage or extensive dental procedures, and sometimes even used to improve the appearance of teeth. Eric Rackley DMD offers dental crowns to our Pittsburgh patients for a number of different reasons. If you have been doing research and believe that dental crowns may be the best protective or cosmetic solution for you, then you can count on our team to provide you with the best dental crowns possible. All of our crowns are custom created to fit your mouth and look as natural as possible.

Pittsburgh PA: Uses of Porcelain Crowns

Eric Rackley DMD typically uses porcelain to fabricate out custom dental crowns. These porcelain crowns have the natural appearance of tooth enamel, all while providing you with the extra strength and comfort you need. Our team suggests porcelain crowns for Pittsburgh residents that need help doing any of the following:

• Protect Weakened Tooth Following a Root Canal
• Ensure Comfort After Damage Caused by an Extreme Cavity
• Enhance Appearance of Smile & Boost Self- Confidence 
• Strengthens Attachment of Dental Bridges to Anchor Teeth

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Dental Bridges for Pittsburgh Patients Missing Teeth

If you are hesitant about investing in more permanent tooth-replacement solutions, such as dental implants, then dental bridges from Eric Rackley DMD may be just what you need. The dental bridge literally bridges the gap of space created by a missing tooth.This empty space can wreak havoc on your oral health by increasing your chances of gum disease as well as causing your entire jaw structure to shift. With dental bridges from our Pittsburgh dental office, you don't have to worry about any of this happening.

Semi-Permanent Tooth Replacement—Pittsburgh PA—Green Tree PA—Crafton PA

As a tooth replacement, the dental bridge is attached to the surrounding teeth on either side of the gap. Once the bridge is in place, the anchor teeth are typically covered by dental crowns to ensure that the bridge is secure. Pontics, or fake teeth, that are attached to the dental bridges provide you with complete tooth replacement. In Pittsburgh, Eric Rackley DMD can provide you with this kind of tooth replacement.

Seniors investing in dental crowns and bridges can receive up to 10% off of these services! To learn more about this senior discount, contact our office today. Eric Rackley DMD serves residents of Pittsburgh, Green Tree, Crafton, Robinson and Carnegie, Pennsylvania.