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Not every dentist is qualified to handle infection or damage that reaches the root canal. If you believe you are suffering from a root canal problem, then you need the help of a trained Eric Rackley DMD in Pittsburgh! In addition to his general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry work, Eric Rackley DMD also performs root canals at our dental office in Pittsburgh.
This means that when you are suffering from the most severe signs of dental decay or disease, he can provide you with the treatment you need. With options like root canal therapy and complete root canal procedures, you can count on our Erick Rackley DMD to restore the health of your teeth and ensure complete oral comfort throughout all normal activities.

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Pittsburgh PA: Root Canals & Treating Infections

The root canal is the hollow cavity in your tooth that protects blood vessels and nerves. These nerves are what allow you to feel pain and differentiate sensations, such as temperature. When extenuating decay or disease reaches the root canals of your teeth, it can cause extreme pain and discomfort when eating, drinking and talking.

If you are a resident of Pittsburgh and your root canal is causing you to experience these kinds of problems, you can count on the Dr. Rackley. We are committed to providing those with root canal issues the proper treatment solution for their situation and lifestyle.

Professional Root Canals—Pittsburgh PA—Green Tree PA—Crafton PA

 If you need the services of dental professionals that are experienced in root canals, then Pittsburgh dental clinic Eric Rackley DMD has you covered.

For the last 28 years, we have been helping patients recover from root canal infections and diseases. With this kind of experience, we can perform the root canal procedure accurately and efficiently. This may mean completing a full root canal, which includes:

• Removing Affected Dental Pulp and Nerves
• Cleaning Root Canal and Infection Site
• Filling Empty Canal with Material
• Protecting Weakened Tooth & Canal with Dental Crown

Want to learn more about the root canal procedure? Contact Eric Rackley DMD today by filling out this convenient form! We serve patients throughout Pittsburgh, Green Tree, Crafton, Robinson and Carnegie, Pennsylvania.